Region cuatro : Intercourse Ideology is homophobic

Region cuatro : Intercourse Ideology is homophobic

Because the an ending thought I’ve constantly thought “bi erasure” to be true. Now again, bisexuality was neglected, and you may instead homosexuals are being directed to help you validate anybody else’s desire to besides appear to be the contrary intercourse, but to really function as the opposite gender, and you may declare that term.

Anyone have a tendency to ignore bisexual anyone otherwise guess every bisexual is the exact same, having the same preference to own both gender otherwise sex demonstration

I’m really respectful and you may inclusive of trans men irrespective of where that is compatible. My personal sexuality chappy hesap silme is via characteristics personal, and it also excludes every lady. That is my best, not bigoted and never at all “wrong”.

Fundamentally out-of significant Gay and lesbian communities as always you will find a loud silence about any of it. They should be during my spot, and you can assaulting to have lesbians and you will homosexual guys up against brand new type out of conversion treatment, but and even though this type of homophobic feedback take the fresh new go up and you can plastered all-over social media and you may inside Lgbt communities by themselves, I can not get a hold of a single restorative article from Stonewall or any other sites frequently condition having “my legal rights”. That it personally is among the most tragic question of all the.

I did so notice this new rainbow flag and you may Stonewall during the this aspect. Stonewall stood to have desired, not just from our selves and orientation nevertheless the straight to live even as we selected and also anyone who we need due to the fact people, as opposed to reasoning otherwise second class resident reputation. Pokračovat ve čtení „Region cuatro : Intercourse Ideology is homophobic“